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  • What is Hypospermia?

    What is Hypospermia?

    Hypospermia: Definition, Clinical Manifestations, and Etiology Definition and Criteria of Hypospermia Hypospermia is a clinical condition characterized by the consistent secretion of a reduced volume of ejaculate. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria, hypospermia is diagnosed when the ejaculate volume is less than 1.5 ml during a single ejaculation. This condition may be…

  • How To Cum More

    How To Cum More

    Semen, the intricate blend of sperm and various glandular secretions, is central to human procreation. Factors influencing its volume and consistency range from genetics and hydration to diet and physical activity. It’s important to clarify that certain portrayals, especially in explicit content, might exaggerate the volume for dramatic purposes. For those genuinely concerned with increasing…

  • Edging for Semen Volume

    Edging for Semen Volume

    The Concept of Orgasm Control Edging, also known as orgasm control, refers to the practice of intentionally maintaining a high level of sexual arousal without reaching climax. It involves approaching the point of orgasm but stopping or reducing stimulation just before the point of no return. This process can be repeated multiple times, either within…

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